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    Cologno Monzese Library

:: Where is Cologno Monzese Library?

Cologno Monzese Library is an Italian public library, situated 6 miles from Milan.

:: Can I find on-line services on the library web site?

Yes, of course! Go to "...you ask, we answer!": the services provide brief answers to factual, specific questions, possibly concerning our country; refer you to institutions/people who can help you; information about our services and activities; we canít handle requests that require lengthy research.

:: Can a citizen, who does not reside in Cologno or who comes from another country, use the services offered by the library?

The simple answer is yes. Anyone, from any country, is welcome and can become a member, no matter what their nationality or place of residence. The membership card is free and can be renewed every year.

:: Whatís the library's aim?

The library works to guarantee citizens a free and equal access to information and knowledge, removing all obstacles and promoting the pleasure of reading and the intercultural exchange between the different communities within the city.

:: What can you find at the library?

Around 100,000 documents including books, videocassettes, CDs, DVDs, audiocassettes and CD-Roms. Almost all of them are available on "open shelf", so users can view documents directly. 

::What are the key rules of the loan service?

Members can borrow the following items for the period stipulated below::
books (up to 8 per time) 1 month
magazines (up to 3 per time) 7 days
CDs, CD-Roms, audiocassettes (1 per time) 7 days
VHSs (5 per time) 7 days
DVDs (1 per time) 7 days
The loan can be renewed (also by phone) only if no one has requested the document whilst lent to the original borrower. If a person returns a document late, he/she will then be suspended from further borrowing and will be charged a 0.10 Euro fine for every day past the return date. The daily rate for the late return of magazines and CDs is 0,50 Euros and starts 30 days after the return date for books and 7 days for magazines, cassettes and CDs, but this is backdated to the first day the document is late. Not returning a document in due time prejudices other peopleís right to reading and to information.

:: Which services, in particular, are offered to foreign citizens?

  • Apart from the section of books in foreign languages, we also offer: 
  • Original language electronic magazines and newspapers
  • Original language videocassettes and DVD movies
  • Interlibrary loans from all over the world
  • Access to e-mail and to the Net with a special 10-hour free connection bonus per year
  • All kinds of information, in particular information regarding laws and guidelines concerning non Italians staying in Italy
  • Texts to learn the Italian language at different levels
  • Videocassettes and CDs to learn the Italian language
  • All kinds of music from all over the world.

:: What languages are spoken at the library?

So many languages! Our operators - some of whom speak English, some French and some Spanish - will do everything in their power to understand you and make sure you understand them. If words themselves are not sufficient, then signs, gestures, books, sounds and images are available. Understanding each other is our profession and our goal.

 inside the library: photo
 the library
More than 200,000 books are available for loan; if you request an item which is not in the library, it can usually be obtained through interlibrary loan. Books on cassettes, including novels, plays and poetry. Large collection of newspapers and reviews.

Music and video library: broad selection of classical and popular music, videos, language courses in popular European languages are available for loan.

Children: the library service provides for children a world of reading for adventure, fun and learning. Storytime, activities and special events are organised.

The Internet: the library offers public access to the Internet.

For any information, please fill out this form completely, and we will answer you as soon as possible.
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